Meet Attorney Ron Frey

Attorney Ron Frey has accomplished more in 15 years than most attorneys accomplish in a lifetime. Indeed, his compassion for his clients and his passion for justice have placed him at the forefront of criminal law nationwide.

In particular, attorney Frey is nationally known for his ability to defend clients against Internet and computer crimes. He had his first internet case in 2002 and since then, attorneys across the country have turned to him for answers on this area of the law. In fact, attorney Frey frequently presents continuing legal education seminars on internet and computer crimes.

He Got His Start In Cleveland, Ohio

After graduating from John Carroll University with a degree in finance, attorney Frey earned his law degree from Cleveland State University's Cleveland-Marshall School of Law.

He began his legal career in Cleveland, Ohio, and today has offices in Cleveland; Tampa, Florida; and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Why He Does Not Take "Every Case That Walks In The Door"

Unlike many law firms that take an assembly line approach to criminal defense, attorney Frey is dedicated to providing an extremely high level of service to his clients. As a result, he accepts only a small number of cases.

When you hire Mr. Frey, he does not turn the case over to an associate. He does the work himself.

Why He Focuses On Defending First-Time Offenders

Attorney Frey believes first-time offenders have it the worst in the criminal justice system. First-timers think they will be treated fairly if they speak freely and answer every question the police ask. Unfortunately, that is not how the system works. First-time offenders fall victim to investigators' easiest tricks and pay dearly for trusting the system.

That is why Mr. Frey focuses on representing individuals who are in the criminal justice system for the first time. He knows how investigators and prosecutors treat first-time offenders, and he does not let them get away with it.

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Hiring the right attorney could be the most important decision you ever make. At a time like this, you cannot afford to take chances. If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough County or beyond, turn to The Frey Law Firm, LLC. Call 800-837-1969 or contact us online.