Have You Been Charged With A Sex Crime?

Sex crimes involve some of the harshest consequences of any type of criminal charge. While there are very serious criminal penalties, including incarceration, there is also the prospect of having to live as a registered sex offender after your sentence has been served and the social stigma of being labeled as a registered sex offender.

For those living as registered sex offenders, the conditions can be so restrictive that many people find themselves unable to comply or inadvertently violating their conditions. They then find themselves facing further criminal charges. It can be a never-ending cycle.

But there is hope.

Take Action Before The Evidence Disappears

Building a strong defense against sex-crime charges often hinges on taking action quickly to gather and preserve evidence.

Surveillance footage, for example, may be overwritten. Pictures and messages on social media could be deleted. Witnesses' memories fade. By acting as soon as possible, you have a fighting chance to save the evidence.

At The Frey Law Firm, LLC, in Tampa, Florida, attorney Ron Frey knows what needs to be done to gather and preserve evidence. He has obtained successful results against a range of charges, including:

Are You A First-Time Offender?

First-time offenders have it the worst in the criminal-justice system. First-timers believe they will be treated fairly if they speak freely and answer every question the police ask. Unfortunately, that is not how the system works. First-time offenders fall victim to investigators' easiest tricks and pay dearly for trusting the system.

At Frey Law Firm, LLC, we represent criminal defendants of all types, but we focus especially on helping individuals who are in the criminal justice system for the first time. We know how investigators and prosecutors treat first-time offenders, and we do not let them get away with it.

Now Is Not The Time To Gamble

Your next decision is crucial — you cannot afford to hire the wrong lawyer. At The Frey Law Firm, LLC, we know there are two sides to most stories. We provide our clients with skilled, experienced criminal defense representation that can help them avoid the nightmare of a sex crime conviction.

How To Call Us

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